NHS 111

People living in Liverpool can now access urgent medical advice online at:

This new, free service provides health advice and signposting to urgent care services online, as a convenient digital alternative to using the NHS 111 telephone helpline.

After asking you to enter your postcode and symptoms, it will give you tailored advice on how to manage them, and/or generate a call back from a healthcare professional, if required.

Patient Access Online

As well as using our online forms you are now able to use Patient Online Services.
Patient Access
Evergreen Life

Before you can start using Patient Access to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions online, or request access to your medical records you must ask at reception for this service.  
To do the following use the Patient Access login





We encourage patients to download the NHS app, for booking appointments, ordering your repeat prescription, and viewing your medical record.

What the NHS App does

Use the NHS App to:

Download the NHS app on the App store (Apple)  Download the NHS app on Google Play (Android)


Get help with the app

If you have any issues using or downloading the app, check the NHS App help and support page.