Health Visitors

Please call to speak to the team on 0151 285 4372.

Health Visitors are part of the NHS community health service. They are all qualified with special training and experience in child health, health promotions and health education. Health visitors work with children and families and increasingly their role is extending to all age groups, particularly the elderly and the younger disabled. They liase with the social services when family problems arise. They also visit individuals with physical disabilities.

"we are here for everyone: families with children, couples, single people, young people and older people. You will find us at your local GP surgery working along side practice staff, or at your local health centre or child healthy clinic. Health visitors are the most accessible health professionals in the community."

Health visitors are also involved in the following:

  • Deliver child health programs and work in partnership with families to develop and agree tailored health plans to address their parenting and health needs. 

  • Run parenting groups and provide home visits to help improve support ,advice and information to parents- and especially to vulnerable children and their families supporting initiatives such as Sure Start. 

  • Work through Primary Care Trust to identify and tackle their own health needs, such as measures to combat the social isolation of elderly people or the development of local accident prevention schemes. 

  • Provide health improvement programs to target accidents, Cancer, Mental health, Coronary Hearth Disease and Stroke.

You do not have to be referred to the health visitor by your GP: simply phone 0151 285 4372 and ask to speak to the health visitor directly.