Abercromby Family Practice


District nurses service

Service hours 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
District nurses are qualified nurses who have undertaken an additional qualification to enable them to assess, plan and provide appropriate programmes of care for patients. They play a crucial role in the delivery and maintenance of community based health care services. more...

Health Visitors

Available between 9.30am to 11.30am every Monday. Please ring for an appointment.
Health Visitors are part of the NHS community health service. They are all qualified with special training and experience in child health, health promotions and health education. Health visitors work with children and families and increasingly their role is extending to all age groups, particularly the elderly and the younger disabled. more...

Asthma Clinic

Advice on inhaler technique, self-management plan, smokes cessation, peak flow monitoring, medication review, and information on treatment.

Hypertension Clinic & CHD Clinic

Advice on lifestyle changes, Lipids management, medication reviews, symptom reviews and referrals to E.C.G., E.T.T., E.C.H.O. Cardiogram etc

Diabetic Clinic

Advice on optimum diabetic control, self-management plan, blood sugar monitoring, foot care, arrange annual eye screening.

Well Woman Clinic

Perform general health check, smear test, lifestyle advice, menopause screening, weight management and advice on breast self-examination.

Well Man Clinic

This is run on the Afternoon sessions of the second Tuesday of every month Perform general health check, advice on testicular self-examination, weight management, lifestyle advice and test for prostate specific antigen.

Pathology Collection Service

We have a collection every day. If you are asked to leave a specimen, could you please pass it in before 11am as the specimens are collected each day at 11.30am.