Abercromby Family Practice utilises the expertise of the eMR system from MediData, for improved efficiency and quality of your medical reports.

MediData is an NHS Digital accredited company who have developed a digital system called eMR, which enables GP practices to create digital, GDPR compliant medical reports.

eMR helps GP surgeries with data security, speed and efficiency.

eMR also helps you to easily see your medical data, stay in control of it and decide who you want to share it with.

MediData has worked hard to develop their NHS GP IT Futures accredited technology, eMR, which interfaces with our GP practice’s system to extract your medical record.  This means you can receive a full copy of that information securely and share it with others as you wish, keeping your data safe.

If you wish to speak to a member of the MediData team regarding your medical report or any concerns you may have regarding your data, please contact MediData directly on 0333 3055 774 or email connect@medi2data.com or mdmc@medi2data.com