About Abercromby Family Practice

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The History of Abercromby Family Practice

Two separate GP practices existed at Abercromby Health Centre when it opened in 1984.

Drs Lipkin and Saverimuttu worked together in one practice, and Drs Salib, Kandasamy and Lakhani (Snr) provided care from the other practice at Abercromby.

When Dr Saverimutti retired in 2002, Dr Vithlani came over from Netherley Health Centre.

Dr Lakhani (Jnr) qualified as a GP in 2007 and joined Dr Lakhani (Snr).

In 2008 the two practices located at Abercromby Health Centre merged to form one practice, named Abercromby Family Practice, with four principal GPs: Dr Vithlani, Drs Lakhani Snr and Jnr, and Dr Laya-Gomez.

Combining the practices brought together a substantial team of healthcare professionals with a broad range of skills and experience. By working together in partnership, they have been able to ensure:

  • Better access for patients
  • More flexible appointment systems
  • Greater choice of clinicians, including more practice nursing time, health care assistants and a choice of male and female GPs.
  • Extended training for GP trainees and medical students.
  • Specialised clinical expertise for all patients including minor surgery, dermatology and diabetes

Since 2008 the practice has moved on and grown. The clinical team now includes a number of associate GPs, pharmacists, and a GP assistant.

The practice became part of the Central Liverpool Primary Care Network (CLPCN) in 2019, in a bid to work closely with neighbouring practices to provide a wider range of health care options for its patients.


Abercromby Family Practice - A Community Practice

The practice is named Abercromby Family Practice after allowing patients to comment on how they would like the practice to be run. The Partners believe in co-operating with the patients who will be using the centre and wherever possible will be consulting them on issues that will affect the patients through the practice. To this end the centre has an active patient participation forum that helps the practice work with its population to improve patient services.

The practice is also very active in the community and has on its team Health Visitors, District Nurses and Community Matrons that provide a key roll in providing community Health Services.


Abercromby Family Practice - The Training Practice

We have been a GP training practice for over 10 years which means that each year we have doctors working in the practice who are training to become GPs. They are fully qualified doctors with two to three years post-qualification hospital experience.

Trainees all have a GP partner as clinical supervisor who is available whenever trainees are consulting. Sometimes, as part of their training consultations they may ask for consultations to be videoed with your consent. Videos are an important teaching aid for consultation skills.